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OfficeBOX iLekha

OfficeBOX iLekha – A Complete Package for Key Business Functions of SMBs

OfficeBOX understands the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) in the country and has designed its first product iLekha especifically for the challenges faced by SMBs in their day-to-day operations.

‘Lekha’ as in Lekhkar in Hindi means the one who keeps the books for the business, and that is what iLekha is all about. It allows SMB to do away with all the hassles of keeping books for their businesses and all associated costs. It transfers the power of technology to the hands of SMBs and simplifies the business processes.

For their key business functions, OfficeBOX iLekha provide SMBs with following functionalities:

Financial and Accounts Management:

  1. Define your customized Accounts Master as per needs of your business
  2. Store transactions logically under various vouchers heads like
    • Bank Payment/Receipt
    • Cash Payment/Receipt
    • Debit/Credit Note
    • Journal Voucher
  3. Get Trial Balance, P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, Accounts Ledger at the click of button
  4. Generate other financial and accounting reports as per need of the business
  5. Download all the financial and accounting statements in popular formats like MS Excel, PDF


Inventory Management:

  1. Manage inventory across your single or even multiple stores at one single location
  2. Manage your stocks to the last level of storage bins
  3. Account for stock transfer with all the excise duty and other statutory compliance
  4. Generate on single click, inventory reports like
    • Stock Position Report
    • Item Ledger
    • Stock Valuation Report
  5. Intelligently combined Party Master for customers/suppliers and other business associates

Procurement Management:

  1. Handle all types of Purchase Orders including popular formats like Rate PO, Scheduled PO
  2. Record the procurement and utilization of Services through Service Purchase Order
  3. Manage incoming stock updates from Direct Purchase, Purchase Order, and also Sales Return through Goods Receipt Note
  4. Quickly create with ease the Purchase Invoices and Purchase Returns along with associated financial and stock reversal
  5. Generate popular inventory reports like Purchase Statement, Supplier-wise Purchases, etc. in MS Excel, PDF and other convenient formats

Sales Management:

  1. Diligently manage your sales effort through Sales Register tracking the sales pipeline and deal conversions
  2. Generate Sales Orders, Sales Invoices with due provision for Discounts
  3. Record Sales Return with associated financial and stock reversals
  4. Automatically despatch right documents at desired addresses pre and post Sales Invoices
Pricing Plan Charges Remarks

Run your business with ease

SOLO Call For Details Advanced features with one company, one user for one financial year.
Premium Call For Details Full Version for all needs. Setup cost per company for 2 financial years, Usage fees per user per month.

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