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OfficeBOX Advantages

OfficeBOX – A Differentiated Offering in the Market

For long, Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) have known that however harder and sincerely they try, their accounts and other business reports simply won’t tally! SMB are already handling whole of the business on their shoulders, and certainly there time is better spent on core business functions than managing IT infrastructure and system crashes.

OfficeBOX understands this pain-points and hence has come up with a totally differentiated offering especially for SMBs. Check the chart below to know for yourself how OfficeBOX is a superior product than anything else currently available in the market, including the market leaders:

Features OfficeBOX Other Popular Products
IT Infrastructure:
- Hardware Cost No Setup Costs Investment required for setting up IT Hardware
- Software Installation Cost

No Installation Costs,

(Totally Plug-and-play implementation)

Investment required in installation and maintaining the software
- Maintenance Cost No Maintenance Costs Regular spend needed to maintain and upgrade IT infrastructure
- Cost of usage

Affordable price, Rich features, Advanced Technology

Outright purchase required.
Data Security:
- Data Backup & Security Data secured at data-centers in USA. Regular backups avoiding any data loss Data managed locally, prone to data-theft, or loss due to system crash
- Virus Protection Inbuilt Anti-Virus protection at no extra cost, ensuring secured systems and data Extra investment in anti-virus systems, and threat of data-loss due to a virus attack
Data Access and Organization:
- Access Reach Can be accessed from any connected place in the world NO access outside office system
- Usage authorization Controlled authorization for accessing and editing data NO differentiated authorization on data access and use among
- Data Consolidation Allows branch-wise, region-wise consolidation of data NO facility for consolidating data at different levels
Product Upgrades:
- Taxation Policy Changes Free and Automatic upgrades to product reflecting these changes Extra effort needed on purchase and install the product upgrades
- Software Updates Free and Automatic installation of software updates Extra spend on purchase and install the software updates
- Security Patches Free and Automatic application of all new security patches Extra effort and investment required to buy and install security patches
Customer Support:
- Customer Support Timely and always available customer service through ‘Live Chat’ and Telephone Limited support

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