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OfficeBOX – A Revolution

OfficeBOX – A Revolutionary Next Step in the Evolution of Office Automation Software Products

Designed especially for the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) of the country, OfficeBOX offers a suite of advanced office automation products through the most suitable delivery channel and at the most affordable cost.

Following 3 key characteristics of OfficeBOX products positively differentiates it from other offerings for SMB in the market:

A. Offered on a Software-as-a-Service platform:

Completely eliminates all costs involved in setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure. No more worrying about losing data to a stupid virus attack or accidental formatting of system. No hassle of installing software products and applying numerous patches time to time. Its completely on us, with 100% guaranteed service!

B. Access office from anywhere in world on a click

OfficeBOX products are available through a secured login over internet, and can be accessed from any connected device. So even if you are offices are geographically spread at different locations, or you have to travel to a new city every now and then, you need not worry. You can now literally put your office in box and carry it with you to anywhere :)

C. Primary Modules

OfficeBOX is a product from a team with extensive experience of creating software solutions for SMB in the country. Coming from this experience, OfficeBOX products cater to the needs of SMB around business functions of:

  1. Financial and Accounting Management
  2. Inventory and Stock-Keeping Management
  3. Procurement Management
  4. Sales Management
  5. C and F agency Logistics

Click here to know more about offerings in each of these sections.

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