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OfficeBOX – A Revolution

OfficeBOX – A Revolutionary Next Step in the Evolution of Office Automation Software Products

Designed especially for the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) of the country, OfficeBOX offers a suite of advanced office automation products through the most suitable delivery channel and at the most affordable cost.

Following 3 key characteristics of OfficeBOX products positively differentiates it from other offerings for SMB in the market:

A. Offered on a Software-as-a-Service platform:

Completely eliminates all costs involved in setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure. No more worrying about losing data to a stupid virus attack or accidental formatting of system. No hassle of installing software products and applying numerous patches time to time. Its completely on us, with 100% guaranteed service!

B. Access office from anywhere in world on a click

OfficeBOX products are available through a secured login over internet and SMS, and can be accessed from any connected device. So even if you are offices are geographically spread at different locations, or you have to travel to a new city every now and then, you need not worry. You can now literally put your office in box and carry it with you to anywhere :)

C. Primary services offered for FREE

OfficeBOX offers its primary services sufficient to run your business smoothly for FREE – absolutely FREE… with ‘no strings attached’. Just register and start using it from that very minute. You pay only for the premium features as per your choice. You see, we believe in Freemium :)

OfficeBOX is a product from a team with extensive experience of creating software solutions for SMB in the country. Coming from this experience, OfficeBOX products cater to the needs of SMB around business functions of:

  1. Financial and Accounting Management
  2. Inventory and Stock-Keeping Management
  3. Procurement Management
  4. Sales Management

Click here to know more about offerings in each of these sections.

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