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About the product


OfficeBOX CAFERAA is the first and only software that has been developed for C and F agencies. The software takes care of all the internal processes of the company and helps business to work in an organised way. CAFERAA offers end-to-end integration for C and F agents to efficiently manage their Incoming and outgoing material flow, labours, accounting, billing, HR and customer relationship management. The software offers cloud based solution enabling them to work from multiple facilities and with multiple users.


Key Benefits:


  • Reduce working costs so you can offer more competitive prices
  • Boost productivity of your staff, get more work done in less time with more accuracy.
  • Win customer and principles loyalty with better service
  • Lower intervention required by owners
  • Instantly display reliable data that helps you to monitor business
  • Take decision instantly  on the basis of business dashboards




C and F agents face a lot of pressure as terms of the trade are decided by the principle companies. C and F agencies today need the right management system to help them drive their key business processes, make smarter and faster decisions ensuring they make the most of their assets and resources. CAFERAA provides these capabilities in organizations as small as a few employees to large organizations spread across the multiple locations.


How do we Do IT?


CAFERAA identifies your business needs in three areas:


1 Day to day operations – The software defines the work flow as per your company processes and operators. This helps in:

a System driven processes ensuring work efficiency and effectiveness

b Stage by stage functioning ensures that no steps get skipped

c Clearly assigning rights and responsibilities to users

d Automated system – no intervention required

e Easier management of labour, internal and external transport


2 Back-end - All the supporting functions of business like Accounts, Salaries, HR, Support and Maintenance being linked together. This helps in:

a All the transactions go through the accounting system

b Easy payments to staff and daily labours from the system

c Recording maintenance of vehicles and fuel receipts

d Raising Debit note


3 Supervision – With the help of the software the complete organization becomes system driven. Hence the involvement of the owner can move from operations to supervision. This helps in:

a Compiled reporting to the owner

b Easy decision making

c Dash board view of the operations


WHAT are all the modules offered by CAFERAA?


CAFERAA offers all the modules that you would require for the functioning of your business.


1 Incoming

2 Outgoing

3 Labour Management

4 Services Billing/ Debit Notes to principals

5 Transport Module

6 Principal Company Agreements

7 Octroi Payments/ Recovery

8 System Administration

9 HR and Payroll

10 Asset Management

11 In-house Inventory

12 Communication Module

13 Enquiries and Complaints and

14 Business Alerts via SMS/emails

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