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Partnership Model

OfficeBOX Business Partners – Making It Happen

OfficeBOX is a revolutionary product creating long-lasting value for SMB sector, and through this partnership program, we want to share the rewards of this value-creation.

OfficeBOX Partners will be change-agents for SMBs by getting them onboard of the revolution that OfficeBOX is. OfficeBOX will provide all the support required for signing on the SMBs on the OfficeBOX products. This can happen through two primary channels:

  1. Direct Sales with OfficeBOX: Partners can promote OfficeBOX products and route interested SMBs to OfficeBOX online sales team
  2. Channel Sales: Partners can buy subscriptions from OfficeBOX and resell it to their customers

OfficeBOX is looking at creating such partnerships across the country on a non-exclusive basis. We will ensure that partners get the handful returns for their efforts. Please click here for a reference copy of partnership contract. Time to time, OfficeBOX will be launching new schemes to enhance the rewards of successful partnerships.

Click here to find out know more about the process of becoming a partner

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