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OfficeBOX Business Partners – People Say

Over the 2 decades of serving SMBs, OfficeBOX team members have got opportunities to understand the intricacies of the sector. This has helped them deliver SMBs long-lasting and immensely value-creating IT solutions, and strike a relationship with them. It is out of these close relationships that OfficeBOX team has been recipient of continuous appreciation from industry. Here are a few of these testimonials:

“Problems of a SMB are different. They cannot afford full-grown IT systems from industry majors, and also cannot risk their normal business functioning to failure of cheap make-shift software systems made by local vendors. Shreesh and team realized this to the tee, and crafted the best solution for needs of us SMB. Its affordable, its simple and more importantly, its robust. Works best for me!”

– Owner of SMB (Worth Capital Finance Ltd., Nagpur)

“We were aware of the benefits of automating office processes using software solutions, but the cost of setting up the entire IT infrastructure were prohibitive. Shreesh and his team did a fantastic job of helping us realize the profits of automating our business processes through their products. They know their stuff really well.”

– Director of mid-level firm (Super Industries Ltd., Nagpur)

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